Pregnant Mom Gets Ultrasound, But Doctor Is Shocked To Discover Baby’s Feet Hanging Outside Womb

A 33-year-old woman got pregnant for the 6th time. Her 5 previous babies were delivered through C-section, but this caused something terrific to her uterus.

Her walls weakened and she developed a tear on her uterus. Her body showed no sings in order to alert this strange happening.

When she was 22 weeks pregnant, she went to her doctor’s office for an appointment. When she saw the image of the fetus with its feet and legs popping through the amniotic sac, she was stunned.

Her uterine wall had a one-inch rapture, and this allowed the baby’s feet pop through the sac. This condition is called “rupture pregnancy” and there have been 26 reported cases.

Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet reported that he had never seen such a pregnancy before. He said that the woman’s herniated sac was a result of her 5 previous C-sections.

The doctors explained her the potential risks of this issue such as preterm birth, hysterectomy, and placenta accrete. Despite all of the risks, both of the parents made a decision to move forward with the pregnancy.

30 weeks later, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy through a C-section. After her delivery, doctors repaired he rapture.